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Let me start by saying Homeless Nation is a movement. Our movement brings a nation of people together to help build on one another. As a member of Homeless Nation, you will become a part of our extended family network. You will get opportunities to be involved in all sorts of projects extending to Music Videos, Talent Shows, Concerts, Fund Raisers, Community Activities and more.. You will receive periodic newsletters and scheduled events, specials and more..

When you sign up, you will become a member of Homeless Nation, but in order to become a FULL member, you'll need to do the following 4 things below and can be of any age.

  • Sign-Up - (Provide all Infomation) - Click Here

  • You must learn our Chant
    H. O. M. E. - Tha Nation's In Me - Homelesssss!! - Play

  • Buy a set of Original Homeless Nation Dog Tags

  • Buy an Origianl Homeless Nation T-Shirt

When you complete all 4 of these things, you will gain access to even more opportunities.

If you are an Artist, Model, Dancer, Designer, Director, etc. trying to break into the business or just want to work in the entertainment business, we have plenty of opportunities for you too.

So tell your friends and relatives to join our movement by signing up today.

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